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EMS Frequent Flyer

It was kind of a joke when I said it, but kind of the worst kind of know? Unable to find my little's health card this week on not the first, but second visit of paramedics to our home this week, the paramedics assured me they could find our little's information in their database since they had been to our place already once this week. I said, "She's a frequent flyer." and we all kind of laughed. You know, that laughter that keeps you from breaking down into a puddle on the floor while a team of four paramedics watches.

I've said it before, previously we have not called for help when it came to allergic reactions because we didn't clearly understand that the symptoms we were seeing were, in fact, allergic reactions. For instance, I had no idea that vomiting is a sign of an allergic reaction when paired with a skin or breathing reaction. So, instead of calling for help I just administered Benadryl and hoped for the best. Well, a trip to the emergency room and two visits from EMS later, I think I'm finally coming to understand the severity of what we are dealing with. Our doctors have drilled it into us that when we see a certain pattern of reactions, we must call for help.

So we did.

The terrifying thing is that both times this week, our little has had allergic reactions that we can't identify the source of. Twice! In one week! All of a sudden foods that have been perfectly fine for her are causing hive outbreaks and two reactions severe enough that we called for ambulatory assistance.

Luckily, all that she needed was to be hooked up to a heart monitor and given an antihistamine but both times when the paramedics finally packed up and left, we were left feeling more confused and helpless than before. How the heck are we to keep out little safe if we don't know what the heck is making her sick?

Side note, paramedics are the absolute best. In another life I think I'd like to come back as a paramedic but secretly I know I'm not nearly as badass or as nice as they are. We have been treated with such kindness and care in our interactions with the EMS responding to our calls, I just wanted to spread the warm fuzzies about them. Yesterday as they left, one of the guys actually turned back to tell us, "You guys are doing a great job. Keep it up." Such a human thing to say in a time when we are frantic and unsure, feeling like no matter how hard we try we seem to be failing. Feeling like we can't keep out own kid safe. It's amazing how a little kindness goes such a long way.

Thanks to the teams who came to our help this week, but I hope we won't be seeing you again.

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