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Ok, so here's the deal.  Like I said, I'm not a chef or a doctor, not a nutritionist.  Definitely not a photographer.  In reality, I'm a lapsed vegan who, up until recently, ate an excessive amount of cheese.  That was before my Little.  Now, I'm what happens when a foodie mom has an allergy baby.  

You see, I love to eat.  Like religiously love to eat.  I love vegetables and all things fresh.  Love cutting into spring beets to see that bleed of rich colour.  I love how greens splash out their chlorophyll when you heat them, turning them an emerald colour that just screams to be eaten.  I love how fresh food makes your skin and body feel just....better.  


Oh and let's not get it twisted--I am carb-adoring, sweet-tooth-having, munchie-getting, midnight-snacking lover of the eats.   I also love to cook.  For everyone.  I believe in inclusion, especially at the dinner table.  Have you ever heard the expression "exclude the food, not the kid"?  That's my motto, except it extends to anyone who comes by my place.  Vegan?  Food allergies?  Low Carb?  If I can't feed you, I won't ask you over.  You don't need to show up at my house with a tupperware container of your "safe food".  Just open my fridge.  Take a seat at my table.  


Let me cook for you.  

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