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Coconut Oat Milk

Our fridge is always stocked with safe, dairy-free milk. We jump between rice milk, almond, and soy, and coconut is a pantry must. I'd heard so much about oat milks lately, but couldn't find one that was nut and sesame safe, then I learned how totally easy it is to make! This is our in-house cream alternative and the basis for my Thai Iced Coffee and Oat Milk Ice Cream. So yum, so easy!


1 cup of gluten-free traditional rolled oats

3 cups VERY cold water

1 generous pinch of sea salt

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbs honey

1 tbs neutral oil (I use canola)

1 can of full-fat coconut milk

You also need a nut-bag, cotton bag, or old t-shirt as a strainer.


Set up your nut bag or strainer over a mixing bowl, large measuring cup, or whatever receptacle you plan to use to store your milk. I like to start with a mixing bowl, then transfer into a glass jar for storage after the entire process is complete.

Using your blender, combine your gluten-free oats and cold water for approximately 30 seconds. Pour the contents into your nut bag and twist until all the liquid is separated from the pulp. We use our pulp for soft oatmeal cookies, so don't through it away! It is also great for eczema in a bath or if you have a Little with itchy skin in summer.

Pour the liquid back into your blender. Add the coconut milk, honey, salt, vanilla, and your oil. Blend until combined. Transfer to your pitcher or glass jar and store in your fridge. Our kiddos love this just as it is, but it's amazing as a coffee creamer or the basis of any cream sauce (you can leave out the vanilla for a more savoury option).

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