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A Different Kind of Vegas

We love Vegas. This town is our Foodie Happy Place. Honestly, there are so many amazing world-class restaurants steps from each other, this place is a foodie paradise! I know people come to this town to party and gamble, but we really do just come for the food. Lots of it.

So, how was our favourite food town going to be for us with a baby who is allergic to so many things? As if our day to day isn't nerve-wracking enough when we are eating in our own, allergen-free, we're tackling a stay in a plane ride, a stay in a hotel, and meals in restaurants where severe allergens are lurking at every angle. How do we do this without a) turning our vacation into a festival of neuroticism, b) eating crackers over the bathroom sink in our hotel room for an entire week, or c) spending time in the emergency room? The prospects look bleak, now that I read them.

My husband said we need to write about all the things we are doing to make our vacation awesome, keep our baby safe, and enjoy our time as a family away. Like normal people.

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